Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coast to Coast - a confidence booster from @wildboy_adventures

My afternoon stroll near Freshwater Hut was partly to calm my nerves at the next day's undertaking. I had heard several tales of how difficult it was; how one couple spent 16 hours walking between the two huts and that hardened trampers who breezed through the North West Circuit reckoned that they wouldn't do it again. There's only one way to assess it and that's to do it yourself. I am not a tramper - I love wandering in the bush but long hikes to get from A to B aren't really my thing.

I hadn't gone far on my recce when I came across orange track markers that had inspirational messages on. They gave me such a boost to my confidence that I photographed them on the stroll back just in case I needed their energy on the tough sections the following day.

What a brilliant idea and my huge thanks to Brando Yelavich for doing this when he was on the island recently. If you don't know Brando's story, please, please visit his website - read his inspirational story and watch his fab video of  Stewart Island/Rakiura. Let's ditch the politicians with all their hot air and put youngsters like this in their place.

And how about Squawk Squad too? Their recent kickstarter campaign raised $70,000, three and a half times their target, from ordinary people deciding to do something before it's too late.You can wait for the government and DOC to save our birdlife OR you can band together and actually do something about it!

Thank you to those who inspire and lift others up to make their dreams take flight.