Thursday, November 27, 2014

Orchids at home - early November

What a busy month! I'm sorry for the break in blogging but hope my adventures in the second half of the month will make up for it. Whilst I process over 500 photos from that, I'll pop up these early November pics of orchids and fungi from around my boundary track.

Earina mucronata (Bamboo orchid) spikes - not quite opened

A clump of Spider orchids

Close-up of Spider orchid

Another Spider orchid - this one with extra long
lateral sepals and petals

Spider orchids by the dozens

Chiloglottis cornuta - not quite open

My Chiloglottis corner - more than 100 covering a 2sq m patch
I'll have to study the spider orchids in greater detail to find the difference between Corybas, Singularybas and Nematoceras - my understanding is that they are all slightly different forms of Corybas but I could very well be wrong!!

I came across three white fungi as I walked around; again, studying fungal forms could be a fulltime job in itself - I so love the diversity of our beautiful world...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Orchids on the way home

What a stunning day today - calm, blue skies and warm temperatures; the perfect day for slow walking home taking photos of the orchids up the Back Road hill. This is the third year that I've weeded the bank; to begin with it was just the dandelions but now a bigger threat is looming with rampant growth of Lotus, a clover-like legume that might be a good pasture grass but it's a jolly nuisance here. The rhizomes grow behind the bank surface so when I pull the roots out the bank collapses too. Short of painting weedkiller on the leaves, I'm not sure how to tackle the problem.

The hill up to my home is about 500m long with a bank on the right hand side for about 400m, then a bank on the left hand side for the last 100m. The vegetation on the bank gets trimmed in late summer or early autumn to retain visibility for drivers and in September the orchids start appearing. Here's a selection...

Flower bud appearing on ?Thelymitra longifolia

This looks like Aporostylis bifolia but there's only one leaf, not two

A group of Pterostylis (greenhood orchids)

Not sure of this one

Close up of greenhood orchid flower

The ants were swarming over the base of the flower above

Another clump of Pterostylis

A slightly different greenhood orchid - perhaps Pterostylis Montana?

Another close-up of greenhood flower

Greenhood flower just starting to form

Corybas (spider orchid) in flower

What a sweetie

Another clump of greenhoods

A mass of spider orchids

Looking down the throat of a spider orchid flower

Close up of Corybas flower

Side view of Corybas flower

Another side view of Corybas flower

A mass of Thelymitra (Sun orchids) - they're later flowering and won't
open if it's not sunny

Monday, November 3, 2014

What's that?

Another month has ticked over but my Blog14\Oct folder on the computer still has a heap of photos that haven't been used yet. I know! I can put them all in a 'What's that' blog!!

I moved a tyre and this 'thing' was underneath - it looked a cross between
a caterpillar and a slug!

Practising close-up photography on a mozzie

Pink fungi on the underside of a rotting branch - it looks like candyfloss
Close-up of above
Spider and shadow

The worm was under the same tyre as the first photo - its skin had
these lovely iridescent colour

Hissing longhorn beetles - see

Hissing Longhorn (Tetrorea cilipes)

Close-up of Hissing Longhorn (Tetrorea cilipes)

A beautiful Southern Moon Moth (Dasypodia selenophora)

Underside of Southern Moon Moth
Close-up of the 'eye' on the Southern Moon Moth wing