Saturday, January 29, 2011

One job done!

Outpost woodshed BY303WD (3.6m x 1.9m)
How do you like my new woodshed and nicely stacked firewood? Jarrod the builder did a great job of interpreting the kitset plans and finished the shed yesterday - it's one of the pre-cut Outpost woodsheds (see their website at and went up easily for someone who knows what they're doing. Most of it is held together with Tek screws and seeing how I don't have a powerful battery drill or a brace and bit, I would have been scratching my head from the outset! I did get to nail down some of the flooring and put in a partition this morning so that I can store the wheelbarrow, shovel etc and hang any wet gear to dry. I've now got 4 trailerloads of firewood stacked - a mixture of manuka, rimu and kamahi. I'll look at hanging a tarpaulin down if the rain seems to be getting to it; weather forecast is for a band of heavy rain on Monday morning so it will be a good test. The open side is facing north so gets plenty of sun. Outpost were fantastic to deal with - good prices, great customer service and product, very helpful and topped off by a thank you gift couriered to me of a penknife and chocolate bars! Can thoroughly recommend them if you're looking for a shed, chook house or outbuilding.

The garage is now looking less cluttered - I can now see some flooring and tomorrow's job is to assemble the shelving for the garage so that I have somewhere to put the stuff that I unpack. I'll also set up my big computer and check that everything is working fine. It will be lovely to have the ability to print again after six months without one at home - my letters will be a lot easier to read compared to my handwriting.

Skype audio works reasonably well from here so good to know I can still chat to people without using my mobile all the time. Jarrod and Rex the plumber came up to look at my bathroom plans on Thursday - they think they can just squeeze a shower enclosure in but I need to doublecheck finished heights. The floor plan that was lodged with the Southland District Council at time of building in incorrect for both length and width so just as well I waited until I was down here.

Have a wonderful week :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New beginnings

52 Back Road, Stewart Island (Rakiura)
My new life started just after 12 noon on Wednesday 19 January 2011 when I stepped ashore after a rough and exhilarating ferry trip from Bluff. I walked the 2km up to my new home at 52 Back Road and was welcomed by the birds - first of all by 3 kereru (native woodpigeon) swooping low along my drive, and a few hours later by a flock of kereru - I counted 9 in one rimu tree and 3 feeding on bushes below it. Pure magic!
It's now Saturday and a stunning day - the cold front bringing strong easterlies and cool temperatures has blown over and it's a warm, sunny day. It's hard for me to stop grinning - I am so lucky to be here at long last. There's almost constant bird song during the day and the frogs start croaking once the birds have gone to bed. There's also an amazing number of bumblebees here - they are just everywhere. I've also had dragonflies zipping around me as I turf the area for my new woodshed - what an idyllic place.
My gear has had a few extra days in Bluff waiting for the weather conditions to improve - there's a chance it will get over here this afternoon which will make my life a lot busier as I rack my brains for where to put it! My twee house seems cluttered with just what I brought in my pack so have no idea where to hide 18 cubic metres of stuff. I can see a big garage sale being a high priority. It's been fun 'camping' and making do with much less - a good excuse for cruising the days away.
Mail is coming through fine - I was surprised to find several letters/cards waiting for me on Wednesday; apparently the post office staff were wondering what to do with it as the jungle telegraph wasn't sure when I was moving down!!
It's the height of the tourist season now so I blend in very well. The township is buzzing although not many tourists walk this far out of town. I was out clearing up the cut gorse and broom on my driveway on Thursday and only 1 car went passed in over 2 hours - almost gridlock eh!!!
It's time I finished off my woodshed area just in case my gear arrives; will post more later on.