Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where to start?

A renewed monthly data allocation, a couple of days off work and weeks of unwritten blogs; I'll just chip away a little bit at a time and get back into the swing of things. My Telco, Spark, has given me an extra 2.5Gb/month which makes the difference between running out and having some to spare. I'd love to switch to rural broadband with 80Gb of monthly data but will wait until after the busy summer season first.

Spring means orchid time again but this year's different to last year; the spider orchids appeared at the same time but the greenhoods are emerging 2-3 weeks later than 2015. I never tire of looking closely at the spider orchids - no two are the same. Here is a selection of them...

Graham, the roading contractor, did a fine job of trimming the banks at the sides of the road and it's fun watching the wee orchids pushing through the dirt.

Masses of Thelymitra (sun) orchids filling the bare bank

More sun orchids

Greenhood orchids (Pterostylis) just emerging
My friend lent me Gertrude Dempsey's book 'The Spell of Stewart Island' which covers the author's  first visit to Rakiura in 1951 and her life on the island after her marriage to an Islander. She has a lovely way of describing the jewels you can find here; not just the beautiful views but the birdlife, community and observations that only come from one who looks closely at things. Here's a wee snippet of her description of Ryans Creek track...
"The beauty of coastline of the nearer shore was told again in emerald depths of water, and emerald were the reflections of the little islets in the dark blue sea. Splendid clouds were piled about the blue distant shores. A tui settled on a branch not six feet away and we could see every detail of his iridescent plumage and the delicate curled white feathers at his throat. Her perched there, regarding us without fear and then flew into a tree, and his heavenly notes dropped into the sunlight which blessed that place. Yes, it is better to allow a day for the walk, for it is a long one and much too interesting to be hurried."

More next time!