Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Photo catch up

Woohoo! My monthly 5Gb data allocation renewed itself today so I can get back online. I dream of having a fast fibre internet connection with unlimited data but I don't think it will ever come to Rakiura. My Win10 notebook is performing very well but the upgrades for the operating system and apps seem to hog a lot of the 5Gb so I'd better get a few blogs up before I run out again! This blog is a potpourri of photos from last month...

Golden Bay with Iona Island to the right and Ulva Island in the background

Golden Bay at low tide
As usual, the weather in April was a mixed bag but still very warm...

Beau and Nonu playing on Ringaringa Beach

What better way to spend a day than walking Ringaringa Beach at low
tide - Mac looks on while Nonu and Beau play tug-of-war

Beautiful rainbows abound on showery days - this beauty appeared 
at the bottom of Hicks Road

Low cloud over Halfmoon Bay disrupting flight schedules
My bush track was mostly under water through the month; we've had quite a lot more rain compared to last year and it hasn't drained away. Gumboots are the perfect footwear for stomping around my rat traps as long as you know where the deeper puddles are, otherwise you end up with wet and muddy feet!

Muddy tracks - great for seeing kiwi footprints
April was a boomer month for catching rats - a grand total of 18 caught in the traps, 17 of which were adults. Twelve of them were kiore, five ship rats and 1 Norway rat - great to have those out of the area as we go into winter but I wish I could eradicate them rather than just keeping them at bay.

Graph of rat catches per month since Jan 2015

Nicely caught